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You won't believe what we found for you today, guys! Have you heard of the famous German presenter and TV personality Sonya Kraus? Yes? Well, what if we told you that she has a bunch of nudes that people just don't know about? Do we have your attention? We better, cause this babe is absolutely smoking hot! She's an absolutely beautiful and stunning blonde with gorgeous blue eyes, but that's not even half of it! She's also extremely hot, with sexy and subtle silicone tits and an ass to die for! And while she has many provocative pictures on her Instagram and all over the internet, her naked pictures are what we are going to show you today! The thing about her body is that you can't really appreciate it unless you see it completely naked. Luckily, we have a bunch of nude photos of this chick, and they show EVERYTHING! The star of the show, of course, are those amazing tits of hers, but today you're not going to get blue balled by cleavage. Nope, today you're getting the full picture, together with the succulent nipples that she usually hides under her bra. Keep reading to find out more!

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“I'm the TV host, author, flower lover, burner, sunset junkie Thinking pink!”

Sonya Kraus
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Who Is Sonya Kraus?

The gorgeous Sonya Kraus has been many things in her life. She starred as an actress in many shows and films, she was a TV host, a presenter, a model, and she even started dabbling in writing more recently. She was born to Marlene Kraus and Gernot Kraus on the 22nd of June 1973, in Frankfurt, Germany. She went to music school there and even trained in ballet. She ended that in 1987 because she just became too tall for that. But her height had an upside. She could become a professional model, which is what she did until 1994. Then, in 1998 she became a host for a popular German TV show.

Has Sonya Kraus Ever Been Naked?

Despite a seemingly innocent career in TV presenting, Sonya Kraus has been seen naked many times! The first time she was seen completely nude was in 2003 when she modeled for a magazine at the age of 29. Apart from this nude modeling, her hot body had also seen nude in 2006, when she had completely exposed pictures taken of her for a TV show called "Exclusive." She was 32 at the time. Apart from this, she has had many scandals in popular culture, and people know her for her frequent nip slips on camera as well as in public.

Why is Sonya Kraus famous?

Even though she was absolutely gorgeous in her early 20s, it wasn't until 1999, in her late 20s, that Sonya Kraus truly became famous. She played the role of a silly blonde TV host for the popular show in Germany called Talk Talk Talk. People knew her as the hot blonde that they could always see in that show, and so it really exploded in popularity because of her and her stunning slim physique! Because of all of this, she has over 100,000 followers on Instagram to this very day! In many other TV series such as Bullyparade in 2002, she was also featured in Das Büro in 2003, FunnyMovie in 2008, Open House from 2008 to 2011, Heldt in 2013, Notruf Hafenkante in 2014, and Das Internat in 2020. She was also featured in some TV movies such as Wilde Mädchen - Wer küsst Paul? In 2002, Good in Bed in 2007, Keine Leiche Lily in 2009, and Beam Me Up, which was also in 2009.

Sonya Kraus scandals?

While we couldn't find a leaked iCloud account from this German stunner, we did find plenty of scandals featuring her! The most popular content surrounding her is her nip slips, and she has had a couple of those in her career. During a fashion show, one of them was for an old magazine where she posed nude, and there was also a see-through shot of her nipples caught by a paparazzi at the beach. Other than this, many photos of her feature her stunning silicone cleavage, and she have also had a few accidental upskirt shots over the years, especially whenever she wore a short skirt! There are also some post-sex pictures of her with a guy in bed, with her tits and nipples clearly showing!

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