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Guys, we have something amazing for you today! Michaela Schaffrath is a girl you definitely need to check out and, if that name doesn't ring a bell, perhaps you'll remember her as Gina Wild. Michaela is a German television actress with a beautiful face and a voluptuous body that radiates erotic energy and sex appeal. And the best thing about her is that she is a former pornographic actress who rose to popularity by creating tons of adult content.

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“Welcome to my world!”

Michaela Schaffrath

Who Is Michaela Schaffrath?

Did you know that Michaela Schaffrath, a German television actress and former pornographic star, was born in 1970? I had no idea. She started in the adult film industry after she posed nude for Coupé, a German adult magazine. In 2001, Schaffrath retired from pornography and moved into mainstream acting, appearing in numerous German television series, such as TV total.

Has Michaela Schaffrath Ever Been Naked?

It's safe to say that Michaela Schaffrath has done more than just being naked in front of the camera. If you've never seen her work, you should check out how stunning this blonde can be. Apart from marveling at those huge tits and ass, you can see her in rather hardcore action.

Why is Michaela Schaffrath famous?

It seems Michaela gained international glory during her career as a pornographic actress known as Gina Wild. I found this sexy blond won two Venus Awards. Maybe you know she featured in several movies, Montrak (2017) and Sky Sharks (2020). In 2005, she put the rights to her stage name and the brand Gina Wild up for sale.

Michaela Schaffrath scandals?

In 2003 Michaela Schaffrath revealed she is doing a bit on the side in a Frankfurt brothel because she is addicted to sex after a fan recognized her there. I think she bravely opened up, saying it's not for the money but to free her soul. Schaffrath admitted she needed satisfaction the way some other people need food.

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