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Wow, if there's one girl who grew to popularity due to her looks alone, it's this one, and you have to check her out. Laura Sophie Mueller is a hottie who quickly grow to prominence by participating in reality shows. People got mesmerized by her looks, and she's been gaining fame ever since. That should come as no surprise, considering this striking brunette has a dazzling face, a voluptuous body, big tits that are out of this world, and an ass that is to die for.

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“I'm a cute bitch”

Laura Sophie Mueller

Who Is Laura Sophie Mueller?

Hey, did you know that Laura Müller is a German reality show participant and model? She was born in 2000. Laura was in a relationship with the singer Michael Wendler since 2019. In January 2020, she posed for the German edition of Playboy. In June 2020, the couple got married in Florida, whereby they took Wendler's real surname Norberg.

Has Laura Sophie Mueller Ever Been Naked?

Laura Sophie Mueller stripped nude for camera many times. This babe has a flawless figure, and she knows it. That's why she loves showing those big tits with impeccable nipples and a bubbly butt. From wearing sexy lingerie to being fully naked, she does it all.

Why is Laura Sophie Mueller famous?

I had no clue that Laura Sophie Mueller is an incredible media phenomenon famous for her Instagram account on which she advertises with product placements. Experts say she does what works well on Instagram: beach, bikini, tight dresses. In a short time, Laura has gained more than 600,000 Instagram followers. The Lolita image pushes the interest in her persona.

Laura Sophie Mueller scandals?

Being in a relationship with an older guy who is married is one of her accomplishments. She also went through the relationship drama with Wendler's ex-wife. Her public image consists of those scandals. I think that she will continue to use her maiden name, even though she had adopted the surname Norberg. That's because she made a brand of herself.

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