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Oh man, do we have eye candy for you today, guys! It's not often for a babe to look as pretty with her clothes as he is sexy when fully naked. That's precisely what Annet Mahendru has to offer. She's an American actress born in Afghanistan with a lovely, exotic face and a body that is out of this world. Not just that, but there's also plenty of shots of her naked where you can see all those juicy bits! You need to see her naked to realize how stunning she looks because no clothes do her justice. She has the slimmest waist with the most perfect, round, and firm ass. Add a pair of perky, natural breasts to the mix, and you get a mesmerizing brunette whose mixed origin only adds to her sex appeal. This hottie went naked in front of the camera and, even though she tried to hide her naughtiest bits, we still get to see a lot.

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“I like pastries and babies.”

Annet Mahendru

Who Is Annet Mahendru?

Annet Mahendru is an American actress, but she was born in Afghanistan on November 5th, 1985, and is mixed Indian-Russian. That's what gives her unique looks and alluring sexiness. She spent her youth between Frankfurt and St. Petersburg before moving to New York to star in movies and TV shows.

Has Annet Mahendru Ever Been Naked?

Annet Mahendru doesn't take her clothes off every day, but it's quite a spectacle when she does. In several episodes for a TV series called "The Americans," she stripped to various degrees. More often than not, the cutie went all-in in the first season, in 2013, and put everything on full display.

Why is Annet Mahendru famous?

Even though she is an absolute beauty, speaks multiple languages, and has diverse ancestry, it's the acting career that made Annet famous. She dropped out of her studies to pursue this passion. Her first role was way back in 2006 in an episode of "Love Monkey". Everyone recognized her striking appearance. Since then, she's been in numerous movies like "Escape from Tomorrow" and "Bridge and Tunnel". As for the TV shows, her biggest work yet is "The Americans."

Annet Mahendru scandals?

Annet Mahendru seems to keep it to herself and hasn't been a subject of any nude leaks or scandals. All the stripping she does is voluntary, showing off that hourglass figure and bouncy breasts. Sometimes she has just panties on or a towel that barely keeps her tits in check. More often than not, she was bare naked for the camera.

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