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Wow, we have a gorgeous TV presenter that will blow your minds! Annemarie Carpendale is as beautiful as they get. With a pretty face, a warm smile, and a body that is to die for, she's the one you won't be able to look away from. In addition to constantly being on TV, her looks managed to get her several roles in both movies and TV series. Plus, the fact that she's constantly in front of the camera means there are tons of cute and sexy pictures of this hottie.

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“In love with life”

Annemarie Carpendale
TV personality

Who Is Annemarie Carpendale?

You probably know that Annemarie Carpendale is a German television host, singer, and actress. She was born in Hannover, Germany. But did you know that she was a dancer in the band, Bellini? She is a VJ at the German music channel Viva. In 2013 she married the actor Wayne Carpendale in Ibiza. Their son was born in May 2018.

Has Annemarie Carpendale Ever Been Naked?

Annemarie Carpendale is a public figure, and she tries hard not to have any mishaps, so she's never been explicitly naked. However, there are numerous photos of this beauty in the most provocative bikinis. You can admire that amazing ass and firm, incredible breasts.

Why is Annemarie Carpendale famous?

I found that she has been with ProSieben, a German free-to-air television network. She hosts Taff, a well-known tabloid program since 2005. Maybe you heard that she acted in several movies, including Pura Vida Ibiza (2004), 13 series, and hosted 11 television projects. The last project she was working on was The Voice of Germany, season 10, in 2020.

Annemarie Carpendale scandals?

Annemarie Carpendale is maybe expecting her second child. We can see that she is flirting with the speculations herself. In March 2021, she posted a photo on her Instagram profile posing in a sexy leopard dress, with her hands on her hips in such a way that we can see a mini tummy. These rumors are not confirmed yet.

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