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Although I have never watched Smallville nor comedy Wilfred I must admit that I have heard of an American actress of German origin named Allison Christin Mack. She is in a sex cult, and she suffered a sentence of 3 years, according to newspapers, because of her cult. Man, German chicks are attractive. I hear many people say that she is a bad, bad girl; who would believe that this cutie can be so bad. Anyway, here you can find some cleavage and bikini and sexy lingerie pics of Allison Mack.

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“You know, I've never been a comic book person, just because that's not my gig and I don't have a television.”

Allison Mack

Who Is Allison Mack?

Oh, boy. She had a lot of relationships, and I mean a lot. She was born on July 29, 1982, in Preetz, Germany, just 1.65 m in height. I love tiny chicks. She is married. This beauty is educated, and she has an Orange County School of the Arts diploma.

Has Allison Mack Ever Been Naked?

Oh, boy. Not a lot. The only nude photo of Allison Mack is from a movie from 2011, and that movie Marilyn was filmed when she was 29 years old. Did you know that she was voted Top 100 of 2006 most beautiful actresses?

Why is Allison Mack famous?

Probably the most spectacular role this beauty had was in on TV Series Smallville. She appeared nude in Marilyn, where she showed her bare breasts and naked butt. In "Smallville," she showed massive cleavage.

Allison Mack scandals?

Allison Mack was sentenced to 3 years in jail for her role in Sex Cult. That headline was probably the biggest scandal of this actress. Allison does not have iCloud photos, and she has a small number of pictures of naked acts.

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