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Her first nude photo appeared in Miss Universe 2009. That photo was from Aug 2009.

She was naked last time back in BOX when she posed completely naked and topless, and this nudity came from Jul 2010.

If you wonder if Rachael Finch was naked? Then our answer would be: Yes! :).

She has been naked, and those topless pictures are awesome!

Finch works for the Seven Network as a reporter, and recently, with her husband Michael Miziner, she celebrated eight years of marriage, and she met him in Dancing With The Stars.

As an Australian model, she is a beauty pageant title holder. She was awarded the 'People's Choice Award' for the 2006 Miss Teen Australia and finished 3rd runner-up at Miss Universe 2009.

She is 1.77 m in height with a slim body because of her diet.

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“My whole ethos is to eat clean treats, which make me feel sustained, wholesome, and not left craving anything. I have something I consider a treat every day. It could be truffles, coconut and banana ice cream, carrot cake. Healthy treats with nourishing ingredients so I don't feel crap or get sugar highs and lows.”

Rachael Finch
model TV personality

Who Is Rachael Finch?

Here are some details about her:
She was born in Australia, and her date of birth is 1988, and her age is 33, and she is a slim cutie. This thin sexy chick is also popular in the "most popular 30-40 y.o. celebrities" category! I heard someone says: "She has a sexy body," and I totally agree with that.

Has Rachael Finch Ever Been Naked?

Rachael Finch was naked in Miss Universe 2009 from Aug 2009. Rachael Finch was seen naked in 2 various situations, and she has plenty of bikini photos. She was not a victim of the iCloud Fappening scandal, but she has some other scandals like all other models.

Why is Rachael Finch famous?

There are no movies where this lady appeared naked because she is a model, and she seemed to be sexy for a lot of magazines. She won Miss Universe Australia back in 2009. You must confess that she looks adorable and that she won that title for a reason.

Rachael Finch scandals?

She is one of those "Celebs with topless photos" and also words that describe this Rachael Finch nude gallery: "brunette, international, model, tv star, white"; Rachael Finch is left shaken after she receives a horrifying DM and has breast implants removed.

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